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Vanilla Glossary is an online resource for auto-linking your site and in-line advertising on other sites. Your terms and phrases are discovered and hi-lighted with tool-tips and/or links automatically on your pages. Sign up for one domain - it's FREE! But wait - we are in Alpha on this project.

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What is it?

A simple API that leverages cloud resources to enhance the information provided on your blog, intranet or any other information-based site.


Generic glossaries available include
  • Hacker's Lexicon - Jargon file
  • Medical terms dictionary
  • Urban dictionary
  • A custom list of terms specific to your business.
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Term Definition Link
Demonstration Content

By applying definitions or links to any words in this paragraph, our API will hilight matching words and provide links or tooltips to them.

In addition to your own collection of custom terms, you may choose to include any available libraries. Your glossary options can decide whether one or all matching glossary terms are shown.

The hacker lexicon is a good example of a glossary which describe alternative meanings to many internet phrases such as management, suit and marketroid. Try checking the "Use Jargon File" box.